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4 Powerful Ways to Boost Website SEO Keyword’s Ranking in 2023

If you think, how to get higher keyword’s ranking for your website in Search engine

Below are some points will help you get rank higher and more traffic.

1. Update Fresh Content on Regular Basis

If you don’t update your website content on regular basis then, there is a probability you don’t get higher ranking for your keywords.

To get maximum traffic on website then you need update content which satisfied user search query.

Get visitors (newer and returning) on your website, you need give reason to return back on website.

Your content should be informative, high quality, fresh and relevant.

Helpful content update algorithm rolls out in 2022 has designed for good user experience.

Create content for users rather than search engine.

If your website has user friendly, relevant, exciting and informative content, then you will keep visitors on website for long time and improve website dwell time and SEO keywords ranking.

2. To Keep Eye on your Competitors

When SEO strategy creates for website then need check your industry competitors.

Search primary keywords for your website and you can find your top competitor easily.

Example – 

Check below points when you will do competitor analysis:

  • Most shared latest content
  • Track new backlinks
  • Social media activity strategy
  • Website designing and loading time
  • Webpage URL (How insert keyword in URL)
3. Add Uniqueness in Meta Title Description

When visitors search their query in search engine, the meta title description gives the first impression of the website.

Always use primary and secondary keyword, use eye catchy lines, include call-to-action or unique word such as best, award winning, guaranteed, call now, free delivery, learn more here, sign up here etc.

Every page of your website should have unique meta title description – One Title Description for One page – don’t use the same metadata for several pages.

the length of meta data always keeps in your mind – You should pass your message in the first 120 characters.

Some Example of  Website Meta Data: 

Submit your Website in Google Search Console

When a new website or any type of changes made in Website then you need to submit Website URL in Search Console (URL INSPECTION Section).

Click URL Inspection – Put your Web URL – Click Request Indexing

Search Console gives an opportunity to tell the search engines about the website directly, which can help to get the rank in google more quickly.

4. Image Optimization (Image SEO)

Images speak quietly to visitors about the website content and make it more engaging.

“A Picture is worth a thousand words”

Image SEO is the process of optimizing the image on website. In such many elements come in image Optimization strategy, such as compressing image, delete unnecessary image, choose right image format, use CDN to serve image, image context.

Add ALT text for your website’s images to make it easy for Google to find and get rank in image search.

Example – Image ALT Tag

Add main keyword in image ALT text which can help get better SEO ranking in search engine.

Image statistics

  • 36% of consumers conducted a visual survey (The Intent Lab)
  • According to HTTP Archive, as of November 2018, images make up on average 21% of a total webpage’s weight
  • Images are returned for 19% of search queries on Google (Moz)

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